Kids Program

Monopoly Boy has an program for kids. we want to show kids to how to be creative, by using your brains. All kids will not be athletics, actors or musicians this is just an option for the youth mind. Designers are in every industry, we feel this will help young entrepreneurs to not only understand art, but get there first taste as an business owner. We will provide $5 to $20 dollars to every shirt sold by child or parent of child. Thanks for your support  
Program intro
- video introduction (Parents are welcome at introduction)
-- a break down of curriculum
First course
-- Art fundamentals
---hand drawing
--- drawing in shade of black
--Design rules
---physical art (like painting, sculptures etc) video and lesson
--- digital art (photography, graphic design, etc) video and lesson
Second course
--- computer fundamentals
---- computer applications
---- computer keyboard
--tools to create art
---digital cameras
--- computer software
Three course
-- art history
--- recreate old styles
--- learn artist history
--- how art influences the world
Fourth course
-- word of mouth
-- print giveaway
-- social media
Fifth course and Second curriculum
Monopoly boy kids program
--- drawings and ideas research
--- four style design variation
---- two boy design
----two girl design
--approve course
--- what's works
--- what doesn't work (very important)
Second phase
-- class vote best design
-- counselor vote best design
--- presentation of winners
--- incentive program
--- design goes online for sale
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