The Process

Our Process is easy enough for a fifth grader to do. First thing is to pick which garment you want, we have a large variety of clothes from hats, jackets, tees and athletic jerseys. The colors are every color of the rainbow, garments that only include a few colors will be confirmed in each order.

The Artwork

We will design, clean up or convert your images into an apparel ready composition.
Most Digitizing of an image costs $25-$50 (The will supply a high-resolution jpeg or png)
*If a client needs the entire layout created costs $50 and up

The Garment

Now, that your layout is designed, we can choose which garment we are going with.
What size needs and the quantity?
There are exclusive garments available upon request.

Heres a helpful list:

  • Tees/Shirts
  • Jackets/Sweater
  • Caps/Hats
  • Althetic Jersey

Draft for Approval

After building your layout into your garment we will send you a digital image proof of your concept. At this point, you can approve it or adjust something. Once we get to the layout how you like. You can approve it.

Final Draft

A payment is requested based on the order you created. Once the order is process is complete, your garments will have a delivery date based on the volume of garments. Production time varies from 1 day to 7 days for large orders

Quick Response

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